“When you think of the quintessential piano teacher, Briana is just that! She is brilliantly talented and both my son and daughter are thoroughly engaged with her and have excelled in the music abilities. We highly recommend!” ~Gesica L.


“Briana has been instructing my kids for 1 year now and we love her. She’s creative and kind and fun and a skilled and beautiful pianist. She’s friendly with the children and they are learning a lot! I highly recommend Briana Lyn Studios!”  ~Danielle S.


“Briana is an amazing piano teacher and mentor for my 8 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son. She is highly experienced, great with kids, and very professional. One of my favorite things about Briana is that she will gently inspire the kids to do their utmost best with every piece. She does this kindly and patiently. I would recommend Briana for anyone looking for a solid and enjoyable music education.” ~Shannon M.


“My oldest daughter has taken piano lessons from Briana since 2013. We are so thankful to have met Briana because is an amazing teacher, firm but kind. She is so positive and really cares about my kids’ progress. She also makes is so convenient because she comes to your home. My youngest daughter started this summer and she’s already learned so much. I highly recommend Briana Lyn Music Studios!” ~Ann M.


“We were SO delighted to have Briana weekly in our home these last 2 years! Our girls grew by leaps and bounds under her direction and leadership, which was completely personalized to their individual personalities and learning styles. Briana was consistently cheerful, committed, and accommodating. Her communication and professionalism were superb. We definitely looked forward to lessons each week, which, as you likely know, is something in itself!!  🙂 Highly recommend!” ~Lori R.


“My kids are relatively new on their musical journey, but it is so amazing to see them recognize success as they finish a piece that when they started they said, “I can’t do it.” Briana’s patience, enthusiasm, and wonderful teaching has been instrumental in their success. Looking forward to another wonderful year!”~Tonya R.



“I highly recommend Ms. Briana as a music instructor. She has taught my 7-yr old son piano for over a year and I am amazed at how well he plays! Almost better yet, I have not heard my son complain about having to practice once. Briana excels at differentiating each student by challenging fast learners at the same time as offering positive reinforcement for slower learners. Overall, Briana’s kind, enthusiastic demeanor has fostered a love of music in my son. I am very grateful that his first exposure to piano was with such a gifted teacher.”~Diane R.



“I highly recommend Briana Anderson as a music teacher for your child. My child enjoyed learning from her for over a year in the Yamaha Music School group lessons and then for over a year in private lessons. It was truly amazing how far Charley progressed under her guidance. Briana was kind, dependable, and someone Charley looked forward to seeing for his weekly lessons.”~Tanja S.



“My daughter started taking lessons from Briana earlier this year. She adored her previous instructor, so she was initially very hesitant. Briana really worked with her, and established a strong relationship. She was caring and concerned, checking with me about issues that my daughter raised that seemed to go beyond the classroom. She figured out what motivated her, and my daughter has blossomed. Her end of the year recital was truly a time to show off how much she had learned. Briana has demonstrated mastery of her subject. I am very pleased with my daughter’s progress, and with her enjoyment of music, and will continue to work with Briana.”~Juli T.

Briana Lyn Music Studios